• Color Lenght, mm Weight, g Type Depth, m Price Buy
    Irony Irony 023R 90 13.5 F 0,0-0,0 Sold out Contact us
    Irony Irony 541R 90 13.5 F 0,0-0,0 Sold out Contact us

    ZipBaits Irony description:

    Its shad like bode creates such unique action and generates 3 different sounds.

    Ironys body was designed flat to push more water during walking action. The best lure to choose when strong appeal must be made.

    7mm big&pure tungsten balls set in the tail make deep bass sound. Small rattles were also inserted to serve as balancer weights which will assist during sideway turns. On top of that, together with the splashing sounds emitted from its flat side bode, Irony produces a wide variation of sounds in which your targeted species has never heard.

    ZipBaits Irony Features:

    • length: 90 mm,
    • weight: 13,5 g,
    • floating (F),
    • surface