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  • Angler’s Zone was set up in Lithuania in 2012. The company was established in order to fully represent the best manufacturers of fishing equipment,tradein this equipment and distribute it as well as share experience in fishing. Exceptional products are supplied to us by such a well-known company as Megabass, which was set up in 1986 and has already become a part of the fishing history. It is an indisputable leader of bait production in Japan and beyond. We also cooperate with the Japanese company DUO, which has gained high appreciation of fishermen from Japan and all over the world thanks to high quality of products and dynamic renewal of the selection. For a number of years already, Angler’s Republic, IMA, Bassday, Pontoon21, Zipbaits and other companies producing fishing gear have been our reliable partners. Even those companies which are younger compared with the old-timers of the market offer products of equally high quality and broad selection.

    Angler’s Zone does much more than just static distribution of products. We spare no effort to ensure adequate understanding and utilisation of the real purpose of the product and its specifications as well as appreciation of the manufacturers’ concepts.

    Our aim is to inform the final user about all the product’s characteristics, exceptional features as well as the purpose and possibilities of use.

    It is known that engineers from the USA and, in particular, from Japan are able to optimise and improve every item by virtue of their perfectionist mentality. We are talking about careful research, high-level engineering, never-ending tests and a quest for perfection in every parameter, no matter how small it is. Such approach often leads to the production of technologically complex articles, which requires knowledge, practice and expertise..

    The website www.angleszone.eu seeks to be especially dynamic also by posting descriptions of each product we distribute as well as the information on possibilities of their utilisation. The news page will also be updated often, like every other page of our website. We would like to invite you to visit our website as often as possible and we will be thankful for each visit.
    Cooperation with us

    The team members of staff of Angler’s Zone have experience in the area of marketing and are competent in the fishing sector; they want to learn and improve together with other liked-minded people. They are a community of highly motivated individuals who are looking for new solutions. We cherish the fundamental values of our company, such as simplicity, truth and respect for others. These are tools which always help to grow and develop. We ask our staff to keep the team spirit and seek to be professional and creative.

    We always welcome new customers and are open for cooperation. To familiarize yourself with our work principles, get a free consultation and register, please go to "Wholesale" page.
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